Feis Track

Track your Irish Dancing.

Feis Track is an iOS app I have built to track my daughters progress at Irish Dancing Feis's. I have enhanced the app ready for public release and so you can use Feis Track to track yourself, a whole family of dancers or if you teach Irish dancing you could even track all your dancers.

– Some Features

If you would like to sign up for news on the release (Aug/Sept 2016* dependant on Apple) and take advantage of the sale price of £1.49* sign up below.

*Full price for version 1 will be £2.99

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Created out of a need to support my daughter as she progresses in her Irish Dancing and a desire to learn Swift 3 (Apple's ground breaking new programming language). All of the code from Feis Track is also opensource.

Made with ☘ by Adam Procter.

– Beta iOS Screen Shots